War of 1812 Survivor Pension Index, Part 1

If a War of 1812 soldier died before applying for a pension, his widow could apply for survivor benefits. The widow would supply her marriage information, her husband’s death information and, often, information about her husband’s previous wives.

Here’s Part 1 of Louisiana widows who applied for War of 1812 pensions. They are organized by the name of the late husband.

Joshua Albin
Widow: Drusilla Lane Albin
Soldier’s death: Aug. 11, 1873, in Livingston Parish, Louisiana
Widow’s death: Feb. 2, 1880, in Springfield, Louisiana

William C. Anderson
Widow: Elizabeth Anderson
Soldier’s death: Feb. 8, 1877, in Jackson Parish, Louisiana

Raynal Auguste
Widow: Susanne Felicite Hazur
Soldier’s Death: Sept. 25, 1877, in New Orleans, Louisiana

James Mc. Baker
Widow: Ann Eliza Baker
Soldier’s death: April 16, 1861 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Widow’s death: March 12, 1885, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Jean Baptiste Bandry
Widow: Catharine Ory
Soldier’s death: May 1, 1846, in St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana

Charles Barnes
Widow: Fanny Grisham
Soldier’s death: 1843 in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana
Widow’s death: February 1883 in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana

Callum Barnes
Widow: Theodosia Stone
Soldier’s death: Jan. 11, 1877, in Keatchie, Louisiana

Antoine Barras
Widow: Rosalie Bourg
Soldier’s death: Sept. 25, 1853, in Assumption Parish, Louisiana

Bonaventure Bayhi
Widow: Arthemise Zeringue
Soldier’s death: Jan. 17, 1871, in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Joseph M. Baysset
Widow: Ann Maria Michel
Soldier’s death: March 20, 1866, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Seraphin Beauduit
Widow: Josephine Ducos
First Wife: Philonese Labat
Soldier’s death: Dec. 25, 1862, in New Orleans, Louisiana
Widow’s death: About 1890

Gilbert Bernucho
Widow: Arthemise Rousseau
Soldier’s death: Sept. 15, 1864, in Assumption Parish, Louisiana

Joachim Bermudez
Widow: Alix Montanell
First wife: E Dreux
Second wife: Maria B. E. Troxler
Soldier’s death: Sept. 10, 1866, in New Orleans, Louisiana
Widow’s death: April 2, 1906

Jean Noel Bernondy or Clairville Bernonoy
Widow: Lucia Palao
First wife: Euphroisie Baran
Soldier’s death: Jan. 15, 1882, in New Orleans, Louisiana
Widow’s death: Oct. 14, 1901

Jean Louis Berthelotte
Widow: Seraphine Webre
Soldier’s death: June 7, 1833, in New Orleans, Louisiana

William Bickham
Widow: Amelia Roberts
Soldier’s death: Nov. 1, 1847, in Washington Parish, Louisiana

Phineas Bill
Widow: Fanny Gallup
Soldier’s death: Dec. 19, 1839, in Assumption Parish, Louisiana
Widow’s death: Oct. 18, 1878, in Richmond County, New York

Alexander S. Blackburn
Widow: Martha Cole
Soldier’s death: Feb. 2, 1863, in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana
Widow’s death: About 1889

Nathan Blackwell
Widow: Mary Pecafield
Soldier’s death: March 2, 1870, in Washington Parish, Louisiana

Francisco Arseno Blanc
Widow: Maria Angelica Azurine Laratut
Soldier’s death: Aug. 30, 1841, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Francois C. Bonseigneur
Widow: Marie Malbernaque
Soldier’s death: Sept. 28, 1829, in New Orleans, Louisiana

George Bossier
Widow: Eugenia Haydel
Soldier’s death: Oct. 30, 1841, in St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana

Simon Hyppolite Boudreau
Widow: Henrietta Boudreau
Soldier’s death: Nov. 25, 1854, in St. James Parish, Louisiana

Joseph Boudreaux
Widow: Isemene Labauve
Soldier’s death: April 2, 1834, in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana

Guillaume Boudreaux
Widow: Marguerite Francoise Gauthreau
Soldier’s death: Sept. 14, 1861, in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana
Widow’s death: July 17, 1884

Barthelemy E. Bouny
Widow: Victorine Therese Nancy Vernies
Soldier’s death: Jan. 31, 1845, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Abraham Bourgeois
Widow: Marie Anne Champagne
Soldier’s death: Feb. 15, 1813, in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana
Widow’s death: Feb. 2, 1877

Jean Baptiste Bourgeois
Widow: Angele Gauthreaux
Soldier’s death: June 14, 1864, in Ascension Parish
Widow’s death: Jan. 18, 1886, in Darrowville, Ascension Parish, Louisiana

Augustin Bourgue
Widow: Susanne Leger
Soldier’s death: June 6, 1844, in Grand Coteau, Louisiana

Charles P. Boutte
Widow: Julia Carmouche
Solider’s death: Jan. 20, 1870, in New Orleans, Louisiana
Widow’s death: Aug. 15, 1883, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Ira Bowman
Widow: Mary E. Richardson
First wife: Elizabeth Shackleford nee Du Bose
Second wife: Margaret Risley
Soldier’s death: Nov. 6, 1854, in Tensas Parish, Louisiana

Rosemond Brand
Widow: Emerante Melancon
Soldier’s death: Oct. 25, 1848, in Ascension Parish, Louisiana

John R. Breland
Widow: Mary Lewis
First wife: Lurana Rogges
Soldier’s death: May 14, 1875, in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

Alexander Brignac
Widow: Mary Conrad
Soldier’s death: Oct. 26, 1827, in Livingston Parish, Louisiana

Jean Olidon Broussard
Widow: Victoire Babineau
Soldier’s death: Nov. 22, 1840, in Caraneron, Louisiana

Edward Broussard
Widow: Pelagie Dubois
Soldier’s death: Aug. 14, 1864, in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana
Widow’s death: March 14, 1881

Jonathan Browne
Widow: Malinda Greenlee
Soldier’s death: Jan. 18, 1872, in Jackson Parish, Louisiana

Joseph Bujol
Widow: Marie Francoise Levegue
Soldier’s death: Oct. 24, 1824, in Assumption Parish, Louisiana

Lester Burbank
Widow: Eliza Simmon
Soldier’s death: Jan. 29, 1854, in New Orleans, Louisiana

John B. Burford
Widow: Edna Jackson
Soldier’s death: March 17, 1871, in Union Parish, Louisiana

Henry Burrough
Widow: Winney Posey
Soldier’s death: June 1873 in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana

James Bussey
Widow: Elizabeth Lake
Soldier’s death: April 8, 1858, in Bastrop, Louisiana

Joseph Byrd
Widow: Martha Bounds
Soldier’s death: October 1865 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Abraham Caldwell
Widow: Jane J. Milon
Soldier’s death: Dec. 4, 1860, in Livingston Parish, Louisiana

John D. Calvert
Widow: Emily Ann
First wife: Mar. Gillespie
Soldier’s death: Sept. 15, 1863, in Trinity, Louisiana
Widow’s death: Sept. 27, 1901

Antoine Cambre
Widow: Marie Madeline Leche
Soldier’s death: Jan. 29, 1817, in St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana

David Carey
Widow: Huldah Brown
Soldier’s death: Jan. 10, 1838, in New Orleans, Louisiana
Widow’s death: June 3, 1890

John G. Carney
Widow: Mary Rainor
Soldier’s death: Dec. 17, 1868, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

John Carroll
Widow: Elizabeth J. Hamilton
First wife: Susannah
Second wife: Jane
Soldier’s death: Nov. 1, 1873, in Jackson Parish, Louisiana

Miller Carter
Widow: Winny Maria Reeves
First wife: Miles
Soldier’s death: Oct. 10, 1869, in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

Bernard Castelain
Widow: Arsine Victor or Arsin Victor
Soldier’s death: Oct. 7, 1833, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Eugene Champayne
Widow: Eleanore Waguespack
Soldier’s death: May 16, 1839, in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana

John Chance
Widow: Zilpha Daughty
Soldier’s death: Sept. 15, 1834, in East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana
Widow’s death: July 9, 1875

Baley D. Chaney
Widow: Elizabeth Cook
Soldier’s death: Jan. 21, 1873, in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Widow’s death: April 18, 1901

Jacques Charbonnet
Widow: Marie Emilie Frenie
First wife: Aurore F.
Soldier’s death: Feb. 22, 1877, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Jean Louis Chauffee
Widow: Maria Amelia Streck
Soldier’s death: Nov. 30, 1866, in Assumption Parish, Louisiana

Louis Chauveau
Widow: Marianna Massey or Marcey
Soldier’s death: May 27, 1830, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Jacques Cheminard
Widow: Charlotte Bozant
First wife: Mar. Dorsey
Soldier’s death: Aug. 15, 1853, in St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana

Eugene Chenet
Widow: Antoinette Canaby
Soldier’s death: May 18, 1870, in St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana

Kinchen Chesnut
Widow: Emily Devereaux
Soldier’s death: March 1852 in Bienville Parish, Louisiana
Widow’s death: 1891

Henry Chevarre
Widow: Felicite Dubourg
Soldier’s death: April 19, 1865, in New Orleans, Louisiana
Widow’s death: 1887

Louis Chiasson
Widow: Cydalise Sonnier
First wife: Doralise Sonnier
Soldier’s death: Jan. 22, 1881, in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana
Widow’s death: May 16, 1885, in Carencro, Louisiana

James Christian
Widow: Susan Carly
First wife: Sophia Watson
Second wife: Olive
Soldier’s death: Feb. 11, 1869, in Caddo Parish, Louisiana
Widow’s death: Sept. 1, 1884, in Mooringsport, Louisiana

Samuel G. Cloud
Widow: Sophia H. Day
Soldier’s death: Dec. 20, 1862, in Oakley, Louisiana
Widow’s death: Dec. 27, 1882

John Collins
Widow: Caroline M. Robinson
Soldier’s death: June 15, 1871, in East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana

Pierre Combel
Widow: Marie Louisa Angela Fromenton
Soldier’s death: About July 2, 1859, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Hyppolitte Comeaux
Widow: Eugenie LeBlanc
Soldier’s death: June 6, 1867, in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

Pierre Conrad
Widow: Virginia Madire
Soldier’s death: Sept. 2, 1871, in St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana
Widow’s death: About 1888

Henry Cooper
Widow: Martha Sticker
Soldier’s death: July 8, 1862, in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

David Copple Jr.
Widow: Polly Staton
Soldier’s death: Feb. 4, 1835, in Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, Louisiana
Widow’s death: Oct. 10, 1884

Isham T. Corley
Widow: Tabitha Whittington
First wife: Rebeccah Leonard
Soldier’s death: Jan. 16, 1877. in Grant Parish, Louisiana
Widow’s death: July 1, 1895, in Taft, Grant Parish, Louisiana

Francois Edouard Correjolles
Widow: Victoire Celanie Pascal
Soldier’s death: July 2, 1864, in New Orleans, Louisiana
Widow’s death: Dec. 23, 1895, in New Orleans, Louisiana

James Courtney
Widow: Sarah Furlow
Soldier’s death: May 20 or 29, 1834, in Jackson, East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana

Alexander Courtney
Widow: Lucy Naul
First wife: Sarah Morgan
Soldier’s death: Nov. 14, 1880, in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Charles Cousinard
Mary Monget
Soldier’s death: March 16, 1828, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Widow’s death: November 14, 1879, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Francois Tervalon Couvreur
Widow: Benedicte Voltaire Bohaim
Soldier’s death: Oct. 4, 1882, in New Orleans, Louisiana
Widow’s death: About 1897

George Crawford
Widow: Samantha Adkenson
First wife: Pamelia Brookham
Soldier’s death: July 4, 1876, in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

Basil Crocker
Widow: Elodie Robert
First wife: Antoinette Hazeur
Soldier’s death: Jan. 29, 1879, in New Orleans, Louisiana
Widow’s death: Oct. 2, 1884

Jean Francois Crusel
Widow: Jeanne Manuella Auzemia Nautre
First wife: Marie Thereza Fernandez
Soldier’s death: April 1843 in Englishtown, Plaquemine Parish, Louisiana

Thomas Curry
Widow: Mary Ann Richardson
Soldier’s death: Nov. 5, 1874, in New Orleans, Louisiana
Widow’s death: Oct. 12, 1885, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Josiah G. Curry
Widow: Susan Conch
First wife: Mary (Polly) A. Connor
Soldier’s death: May 16, 1878, in Columbia, Louisiana
Widow’s death: Prior to Dec. 15, 1889

John Cutright
Widow: Catharine Hough
First wife: Nancy Lemons
Soldier’s death: Dec. 29, 1874, in Sabine Parish, Louisiana


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War of 1812 Pension Records

If you love family tree research, then you know how exciting it is to find a new resource, especially for long, long, long-dead ancestors. It’s also amazing how many records now are available at the click of a mouse. It makes me worry for the survival of dusty archives, but that’s a topic for another day.

The other day, I checked out It’s a depository of military records. It’s going to have to pick up more data in order for me to spring for the subscription price. However, I enjoyed my free trial.

I discovered War of 1812 pension records on fold3. All I really knew about the War of 1812 was the Battle of New Orleans. It never occurred to me that some of my ancestors might have actually fought in it. I just assumed they were busy tending to their farming along the bayous in Louisiana.

From reading the pension files, it seems the federal government was a little skeptical that the Cajuns left their farms to fight in the Battle of New Orleans. I saw rejection after rejection of pension applications. However, there’s some really great information in there, and some good gossip about early day slimy lawyers.

Here’s the file card for Joseph Montet.


Joseph was born Joseph Philippe Montet in 1789. He and his wife, Marie Francoise Giroir, had eight children. I’m descended from Joseph Florentin Montet, their fourth child.

Joseph claimed to have served in Capt. Borel Aycock’s company. He said he signed up at Donaldsonville in 1814 and was discharged on March 1, 1815.  The records confirm this was true – although I read many records where no service could be confirmed.


The page above is the 1800s version of a fill-in-the-blank form. You can see where Joseph – or someone filling it out for him – filled in the blanks. Joseph later supplied an “x” for his mark on a signature so it’s doubtful this is his handwriting.


Joseph also made a claim for a land bounty, and here again, was something I didn’t know. If you served in the war, you could get acreage depending on when you enlisted. However, the land initially was in Arkansas, Illinois or Missouri. Later, though, bounty land warrants were awarded in a broader area.

Swearing that Joseph served in the war were Jean Baptiste Guillot and Simeon Landry.

I don’t know if Joseph Montet got his land. But it was fun to get another glimpse into his life.

Other pension files revealed death dates, marriage records and baptism records. Even better, fold3 is accessible from my laptop through the local library. UPDATE: It appears the library has discontinued access to fold3.