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Aunt Mayme’s Recipe for Green Tomato Sweet Pickle

I’m sure there’s a story behind how Aunt Mayme (really my great grandmother’s aunt) ended up publishing a recipe for Green Tomato Pickle in a San Francisco newspaper. I have no idea what that story is.

Aunt Mayme was Olive May Rhodes. She never married but supported her nephew Homer on a schoolteacher salary in Texas. She liked going to the movies and collecting the free gifts given to encourage ticket sales. In fact, one of those free gifts – a candy dish – sits on my dining room table.

Money was always a concern. She often didn’t even have enough money to send a letter so I doubt she ever traveled to California.

My point is that you never know what you’ll discover when you put someone’s name into a newspaper search engine. Sometimes, you can even search for free if your library has a subscription to Genealogy Bank, or Newspaper Archive.

In the meantime, enjoy Aunt Mayme’s recipe from 1913.


4 thoughts on “Aunt Mayme’s Recipe for Green Tomato Sweet Pickle”

  1. Thank you very much for the tip about checking our local library for possible access to I just did that, and unfortunately my library doesn’t subscribe. But I probably should. I’ve just been reluctant to fork over the dough! i wish my membership included access to it.

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