The other side of the family

Glimpses of the Millhollon family homestead?

While scanning in photos of the Texas side of the family, I keep coming across the same old house. It’s not a house that I’ve ever visited, but it intrigues me.

Someone went to the trouble of putting up a gate and trellises. Obviously, this was a much loved home even if it wasn’t grand. Whose home was it?

There are some clues. Clearly, this was a place where the Millhollons and Newnhams gathered. Is this where my great-great grandmother, Lucy Jane Newnham Millhollon, lived? I have no idea. I don’t think it’s my grandfather’s boyhood home – later torn down and turned into a barn – because I don’t see the dog trot that was described.

I believe – but I can’t be sure – that my grandfather is the little boy standing behind the screen door in the photo below. I don’t know who Maud and Cannon – the couple photographed above – were.

The group photo above is of my grandfather’s great aunt, great uncle and their daughter and son-in-law. How strange it is to meet relatives in photographs.

Above is yet another photo of the house. This one shows that the gate stood on its own although maybe a fence once complimented it. At some point, someone scrawled the name “Vera Redwine” on the back of this photo with a question mark: I haven’t a clue who Vera was.

Most of the people in the photo above are recognizable to me. That’s my grandfather: the little tow-headed boy in overalls. That’s his cousin, Billie Jean, on the bike. My great grandmother – never a team player – is the woman looking at the ground. I believe the woman on the far left is Lucy Jane.

Let me give this a try: Lucy Jane Newnham Millhollon (?), Mattie Millhollon Henderson (?), Carol Henderson (?), Billie Jean Henderson (on bike), Edd Millhollon, Tommie Stark Millhollon, Rex Millhollon (little boy), Juanita Ashmore Chaney, Frosty Chaney, Addie Newnham Ashmore and Reed Ashmore.

Clearly, this is an assortment of Millhollons and Newnhams. Two Newnham sisters are in this photo – Lucy Jane and Addie.

It’s a sweet house, isn’t it? And a sweet family gathering.


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