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Ancestry’s new color tool

Ancestry has a new tool that lets you colorize photos so I decided to take it for a spin.

Here’s the old, black-and-white photo of my grandfather with my uncles:

Horace Hebert with Herbert and Albert.

And here’s the colorized version:

In color!

What do you think?

I was a bit underwhelmed. Is it just me?

4 thoughts on “Ancestry’s new color tool”

  1. Hmmm. If it’s still in beta, maybe they’ll be able to improve upon it. Right now it looks like it adds a flesh tone to faces, which is somewhat accurate (for people of a certain skin color), but I don’t understand the oversaturated red foliage to our right! I think I look the vintage look of black and white better.

  2. Your last name is the same as very good friends of my parents, from LA. His name was Roland Hebert, his wife, Glaze. Don’t know if that was her knickname or what. They moved north to work in the sugar refining business and have been deceased for many yrs. Probably born in early 1900s. Do you think you are related?

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