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Grave spotlight: Tayler Clement

When I saw this grave at St. Patrick’s in Gibson last weekend, the vase was empty. I studied the name on the marker – Father Tayler Clement – and thought he must have been a priest. I imagined he’d come to this little bayou town from a far-flung place, ministered to the largely Catholic population, died and was buried here goodness only knows how many miles from home. So I gifted his grave with a bouquet of Dollar Tree flowers.

Someone tell me to stop making assumptions.

From the Houma Courier newspaper

It turns out that “Father” Clement was a married man whose news obit focused more heavily on his widow’s insurance payment than on his actual death. Still, the newspaper characterized him as popular.

Mr. Clement married Orsena Faucheux in 1895, just five years before his death. They had a summer wedding.

And that’s all I know about Mr. Clement. At least I now know that he wasn’t a priest.

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