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Free Stuff Friday: Periodicals

Years ago, when researching the family tree coincided with the typewriter, our grandmothers did invaluable work pouring their research into periodicals. You’ve probably walked past rows of them at the library: Terrebonne Life Lines, St. Mary Links, New Orleans Genesis, etc.

I got frustrated in my early days of library research at having to flip through volume after volume in search of something that pertained to my family tree. Then I discovered an online index:

Happy day!

Here’s the handy dandy guide to the abbreviations for the periodicals:

The kind folks behind this website went through 21 periodicals and indexed 5,000 articles by subject matter. Wasn’t that very nice of them?

You’ll find insanity, burial, marriage records and more.


5 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday: Periodicals”

  1. I have an uncle buried in New Orleans. His cemetery is a dangerous part of town based on articles I have read over the last few years. I would love to see his grave, but not at the risk to my life.

      1. I do not believe there is a guided tour for this cemetery. If you want to visit, I would go with a group and not carry an expensive camera. Obviously, go during the daytime. New Orleans is a big city with big city crime. It’s always a good idea to be careful and aware of your surroundings.

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