The other side of the family

Milo Creekmore?

This photo is identified as Milo Creekmore, who was my grandmother’s grandfather.

Anyone know if this is really him?

5 thoughts on “Milo Creekmore?”

  1. I have seen this attributed to him, but to me it does not look like him. Maybe it is the angle of the photograph? His most prominent feature was his ears. Those ears are not so prominent from this angle.

  2. Do you happen to know who the person sitting is in the other picture you have posted of Milo? He is my second great uncle. His brother Ulysses “Tea” Telemachus Alphonso is my second great grandfather.

      1. Yes, Mildred is my great-grandmother. I don’t know much about her except what I have discovered in newspaper articles. It seems that her father had a problem with staying sober. Her mother, Susie died young and he remarried. Mildred ran away and another family took her in and there was a custody case.

      2. I read a little bit about the custody case in the newspapers. According to notes made by my great grandfather, Mildred’s father and uncles (with the exception of Milo) died of TB.

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