Hebert family

Alexis Seraphin Hebert

Someone posted this picture of Alexis Seraphin Hebert,. which means I now know what two of Alexis and Anne Langlinais Hebert’s children looked like.

Here’s Alexis Seraphin:

Alexis and Anne had four boys and one girl. Alexis Seraphin/Zepherin, Jean Severin, Anselme Jule and Gedeon lived into adulthood. Little Celestine Josephine died as a young girl.

All four boys ended up serving in the Civil War together. Alexis and Jules settled in New Orleans afterward. Jean Severin (or John S.) and Gedeon lived in Assumption and St. Mary parishes.

Here’s Gedeon:

Jean Severin/John S. – who was my great-great grandfather – would name his own children after his siblings. His first son was named Alexis Gideon. His second son – and my great-grandfather – was Jean Jules. His third son was Seraphin. He remembered his sister by naming a daughter Mary Josephine.

How I wish I knew more about the brothers’ relationship. And I’m still hoping a picture of John S. pops up.

What I love about Gideon’s photo, though, is the dog in his lap. I never knew my Grandpa Hebert, but I was always told how kind the Heberts were. And I remember my grandfather’s brother, who was certainly very kind-natured. He always welcomed his brother’s grandchildren into his home and took us out back to see his pet rabbits. The ears are also definitely Hebert ears. It’s funny how certain traits survive the ages.


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