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Diocese of Baton Rouge Records on Kindle

If your ancestors were Catholic and lived in south Louisiana, then you’re familiar with these red volumes. The Diocese of Baton Rouge published records for East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, St. James, Iberville, Assumption and Ascension parishes. The volumes cover 1707 to 1905.

I own many, but not all of them. Every big branch of the public library in Louisiana owns this set of books. It’s within these pages that I discovered my great-grandmother’s middle name: Emilie.

These books contain baptisms, burials and marriage records. The first few books span decades. With the population explosion leading up to 1900, the books covered fewer years. By 1901, baptisms alone were so voluminous that the diocese just covered them and left out burials and marriages.

A few years ago, the diocese began making some of the volumes available through Kindle. The criteria is how many hard copies of a volume the diocese has on hand. If the stack is dwindling, the volume is published through Kindle.

This makes these invaluable books available to those who live outside Louisiana and can’t access them at their local library or pay $35 per volume to own the hard copy.

You can buy a digital copy of:

Volume 2, 1770-1803

Volume 3, 1804-1819

Volume 4, 1820-1829 (available through Kindle Unlimited)

Volume 8, 1853-1857 (Kindle Unlimited)

Volume 9, 1858-1862

Volume 10, 1863-1867

Volume 11, 1868-1870

Volume 12, 1871-1873 (Kindle Unlimited)

Volume 13, 1874-1876

Baptisms, 1901-1905

Happy sleuthing!

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