Fun facts about Louisiana, lafourche parish

St. Joseph Co-Cathedral

The interior of Thibodaux’s cathedral.

Even though we live in Baton Rouge, we got married down the bayou in Thibodaux. One of my grandmothers was recovering from cancer surgery at the time. The other was in her 90s and didn’t travel well. So, Thibodaux it was since they both lived in or near that small town.

As an added bonus, the cathedral (technically called the co-cathedral) is GORGEOUS.

And, I was born at the old St. Joseph Hospital in Thibodaux back in the days when nuns helped deliver babies. The hospital was conveniently located next to the cemetery just in case that gall bladder surgery didn’t go so well. But I digress.

St. Joseph was built in the 1920s. It took several years for the church to be completed. The interior is jaw dropping.

The exterior isn’t so shabby either.

But the interior is stunning. The ceilings were just a stark white until the 1940s, when the church redecorated.

On a side note, we got married just after Christmas, when the church was still decorated with poinsettias and evergreen. This was on purpose. It saved on the florist bill. Just a handy tip.

If you’re ever in Thibodaux, take a peek inside. You will think you’ve been transported to Rome.

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