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Molsey Rhodes: The devil could not live with my people

This is Angeline Rhodes Bennett, whose mother wasn’t happy about her lot in life.

I’ve been going through my grandmother’s genealogy files. While looking at her research on her mother’s family, I came across some interesting letters.

Molsey – no idea what her maiden name was – married Willis Rhodes. They had at least five children: Arnold, Susan, Samuel, Newton and Martha Angeline. Samuel was my grandmother’s great-grandfather.

The Rhodes family lived in Texas and Louisiana. Angelina, for example, married a John Bennett and raised a family in Frierson, Louisiana. When Angelina’s husband died, she buried him in the back yard, put their surviving four children in a surrey and moved back to Texas.

The letters I found were written by Molsey and transcribed by Avis Eldridge Jones. I don’t know who Avis was, but a quick internet search told me she died a few years ago.

Here’s one from Molsey to Angeline (I’m going to add punctuation but leave the misspellings):

April 1871

Well Angeline I tak my pen in hand to let you know that I am well at this tim. Hopping thes few lins wil find you well. I am at John at this tim. I hav bin here ever sens September. I saved your letters. Was glad to hear that you was aliv. You hear that I was ded. I was mity sick in Jun. I had flux. I com back in Jully. I hav no hom. The devel cold not liv with my popl. I hant bin to Peter Martins sens Dan did. He did in October after he left you. Susan had a son born then I was with her. I hant bin to Matthew in too years. Molsa is marred to Len Smith has a daughter. I hant bin to Newton in monts. Arnold has not bin her. I hant heard from thim in a long tim. I expet to see her befor long. I wont to see you mity bad. If you will com I will go hom with you. Writ soon. Send your letter to Orthas and let me know when you will com so I may be redy to go with you. Thear is a grat many dethes. The new mony has him fatel. Bud Rees is ded. Doc Gorum. Ther is so many I cant writ them donn. I hey no mre at present but remans your loving Mother untel dath. So good by.

I don’t know who some of these people were, but I gather that Molsey was jumping from one child to the next. She didn’t seem too happy about it. I believe she died in 1871 so I hope Angeline came and got her before she died.

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  1. I’m doing research on my husband’s family. We have three sons who have become very interested in their ancestors. Angelina Rhodes Bennett Is my husband’s great grandmother, her daughter, Katie Bennett Adams, being his grandmother. I would appreciate any information you are able to share with me. It is so interesting. I have been unable to connect John T. Bennett, Angalina’s husband to the other Bennett’s in Bennettsville, South Carolina, which is where John and Angelina lived before moving to Louisiana.

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