Keep in touch – even if it’s through Zoom

The picture above is from the last Zoom call we had with my 89-year-old grandfather. He collapsed a few minutes later and died that night of an aneurysm.

We were joking about my background, which is of the journalism building at LSU. Granddaddy joked that we’d upgraded our house to a mansion. Hours later, he was gone.

Granddaddy had lymphoma, although that’s not what killed him. One of my frustrations with the stay-at-home order is I knew we needed to stay away from my elderly grandparents. That’s a tough restriction when a doctor’s just given your loved one two years – at best – to live.

Fortunately, we thought of Zoom. Soon, we had the entire family chatting from Louisiana, Arizona, Virginia and Texas. We got to do two calls, and I cherish them.

My point is: Don’t let this virus keep you from talking to your relatives and seeing their faces. In today’s age of Zoom calls and FaceTime, social distancing doesn’t mean distancing yourself from communication.

1 thought on “Keep in touch – even if it’s through Zoom”

  1. Oh, my goodness, I am so, so sorry about your grandfather. I just don’t know what to say, except that you must be so grateful for that Zoom call with him. I’m sure the call made him very happy, and it must be comforting to know that that was his state of mind when he passed. Your blog is a poignant reminder of the crucial importance of keeping in touch. When my mom passed away from a heart attack five years ago, I was really comforted to know that I had just visited her and had also taken the time to tell her what a wonderful mother she had been and what a terrific childhood I’d had. Those small things mean so much. Thank you for posting this.

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