House History

The house that endured the ravages of history

This house has absolutely nothing to do with Louisiana genealogy. I just liked the listing.

“The house, now 117 years old, has stood the test of time. She stood when the Titanic sank in 1912. She was here during the Great Depression of 1929. She stood during WWI and WWII. She stands today in the 21st Century as a reminder of days gone by when Edwardian families strolled down the streets and visited with friends on those warm Mississippi evenings.”

Someone buy this for me already! And tell me where Aberdeen, Mississippi, is. Does it have a library? And a Target?

This beauty was built in 1902 by Walter S. Carlton and his wife, Claudia, who left their name in the cement of the front steps. It’s got six fireplaces, high ceilings, three gables, pocket doors, gold coffered ceilings, something called a grand room and a veranda. Basically, it’s the house of my Anne of Green Gables-girlhood reading dreams.

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