terrebonne parish

Gibson in high water

This is a Gibson I don’t know. The photos were taken during the 1927 flood and were in the photo album of Eva Walther Baker until Hurricane Katrina destroyed them. Fortunately, a descendant had copies. She kindly shared these with me in hope of finding out more about them.

Aren’t they fascinating? Sadly, I don’t recognize any of the buildings. The house in the very top photo looks familiar, but that might be because I’ve seen a hundred like it over the years.

Certainly, I don’t recognize the house behind the man in the pirogue. I almost wonder if it was a boarding house.

Like I said, I walked the streets of Gibson as a kid, but I never walked these streets.

Eva’s parents were Frederick Walther and Emma Blessing Walther. The Walthers were an old Gibson family who ran the town store. The Walther family home still stands in Gibson. It’s next to the post office (or the new post office as it will always be in my mind) and the school.

Eva’s grandfather was a photographer in New Orleans, and the Walthers seemed to have access to cameras when few others did. We have them to thank for these wonderful photos.

My hope is that someone will recognize these photos or some of the places and faces in them. If you do, please give a shout!

1 thought on “Gibson in high water”

  1. These photos are precious. Thank you for sharing. My husbands grandmother told him that for the flood of 1927 the river water came to the steps of her home but not in the house. House still there. 1 mile south of Falgout Canal on Bayou Dularge. Claire Champagne

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