yellow fever

Yellow fever in Bayou Boeuf

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It’s funny how you can look at the same record 15 times and suddenly notice something new.

I learned when I started researching genealogy that my granny’s grandmother (Merante Aucoin) lost a good chunk of her family to yellow fever in 1879. This helped fill in the details for why her first husband died when their sons were just 4 and 2.

Merante’s family history is complicated. She married twice. Her first husband was Pierre Paul Montet who brought two sons into their marriage from a prior marriage. Together, Pierre Paul and Merante had five children. During the yellow fever outbreak, Pierre Paul, a son from his first marriage and all three of his daughters with Merante died.

Looking at the mortality schedule, it appears that neither Pierre Paul nor his son was tended to by a physician. However, the girls were. Pierre Paul and son Desire died in November. The girls died a month earlier. I don’t know why doctors would have tended the daughters but not the men.

The mortality schedule does tell me which doctors were called. This is something I never noticed before.

Not one but two doctors treated Merante’s daughters. The doctors were Jno. E. Pugh and J.S. Gardner.

So now I’m left to wonder why the doctors only tried to save part of the family.










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