Penisson Family, Succession Records

The many heirs of Etienne Penisson

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Etienne Penisson left a complicated succession when he died at his home on Bayou Boeuf in 1856. His widow had to detail the heirs.

She listed:

  1. Son Jean Baptiste
  2. Daughter Marie, who was dead. So her portion went to her children Aimee Bourg Delucky, Pauline Bourg and Rosalie Bourg
  3. Daughter Dometile (wife of Joseph Lacoste)
  4. Daughter Cidalise, who was dead. So her portion went to her children Joseph and Eliza Brogdan
  5. Daughter Amelina (wife of Auguste Lafontaine)
  6. Daughter Celeste (wife of Joseph Font)
  7. Daughter Carmelite (wife of Baptiste Menard)
  8. Son Etienne Jr.
  9. Son Cleopha
  10. Son Victor

Making matters even more complicated was the fact that the heirs were scattered across Louisiana. Most lived in Assumption Parish, but daughter Marie’s children were in St. Mary Parish as was daughter Carmelite. Amelina was in St. Martin Parish. Celeste was in New Orleans.

All told, Etienne Sr. left an estate worth $105,000. That’s $3 million in today’s dollars. No wonder succession records state that Etienne Sr. Left a valuable sugar estate.


6 thoughts on “The many heirs of Etienne Penisson”

  1. Thank you for posting this. Etienne Penisson was my great, great, great grandfather on my mother’s side. I descend through his daughter Celeste Penisson Font. We have a photo of Etienne’s father’s home in Nantes, France as well as a drawing of his father.

  2. Hey, I just found this name on my family tree. This a so exciting you are doing this. I have a story from Nora Della Rock Penisson. It also said he died from yellow fever.

  3. Hi there distant cousin! I’m also related to Eitienne, he is my 5th great grandfather. From him, my line goes to Eitienne Jr-> Eitienne-> Terrence-> Mildred. Mildred was my great grandmother and married into the Justillian’s. I love finding sites like this to expand the family history ❤️

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