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Taught by the nuns in Plattenville, Part 2

I reached out to the Sisters of Mt. Carmel in an attempt to sort out the story that my great-grandmother was taught by the nuns in Plattenville. This is confusing to me since the Catholic school in that area is in Paincourtville.

Here’s what I got:

Your gr-grandmother could have been taught in Plattenville … we were there for a time … in the early 1800’s and then in the late 1800’s. (1890-1917).  Once I have names, I’ll check if we have anything confirming your information.  We do have a few records for Plattenville and for Paincourtville that  have survived multiple moves and multiple floods, hurricanes, etc.
So it’s possible that Isabelle Giroir did indeed go to school in Plattenville. It’s also possible that her grandmother, Marie Colette Pothier, went to the same school.
Curiouser and curiouser.

2 thoughts on “Taught by the nuns in Plattenville, Part 2”

  1. My grandmother May Montet also attended that school, and was taught by nuns. And had quite a few stories of her school days.
    She and your great grandmother Isabelle were first cousins.

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