Assumption Parish Genealogy, Montet Family

Plantations of Assumption Parish

I’ve mentioned that the Montets owned Aurelie Plantation in Assumption Parish. The family story is that they let it go to taxes after the Civil War. I’m sure there’s a way of tracking that down. I just haven’t gotten around to it.

I came across this interesting map of plantations in Assumption Parish.

Given that Joseph Florentin Montet married into the Pothier family, I wonder if Pothier once belonged to his wife’s family.

What’s really interesting to me is that Aurelie is below Plattenville. There’s an existing Montet Road that’s above Plattenville. I wonder what the connection is.

At some point, I’ll do a newspaper archive search for some of these plantations and see what I find.


5 thoughts on “Plantations of Assumption Parish”

  1. Hi There, this is an interesting map. Just south of Plattenville, but north of Napoleonville is a Plantation named Georgia. I do believe this is the plantation of my grandfathers family – Thiac. My grandfather purchased it from the family in the 1920’s I believe. We still own a 2 acre lot on Bayou LaFourche, the remainder of the cane fields were sold about 15 years ago to Todd Crochet of C&C Sugar.

      1. It’s a really great resource! Those volumes are so BIG!! I spent a good 2 days there a couple of years ago combing the records of our family (as well as Terrebonne Parish). Thank yo so much for your site!

  2. Wow I found this same map in my research… my family were enslaved by Dr. Joseph T. Martin on the Valence Plantation. After my ancestors were freed they bought land and created a small town called Freetown. There is also a church and cemetery there called St. Marks Baptist church with my 4th great grandfathers name engraved into the wall signifying him as a founding member.

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