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Sheriff’s Sale for the Templets

I’ve been trying to track down what happened to Anaise Templet’s parents, Charles Valsin and Louisa Josephine Boudreaux Templet, for years. I believe Louisa died in 1854 since there’s a succession record notation for her. Sadly, the record itself is missing.

Then I came across this entry in a Louisiana newspaper. I’m fairly sure this isn’t my Charles and Louisa since Louisa had a child in 1854 so Charles couldn’t have been dead in 1850. Still, how sad this is:

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 12.44.45 PM.png

I’ll translate:

It will be offered in public auction on Wednesday, 4th day of December, 1850, at 10 o’clock in the morning, on the spot, by AF Hickman, sheriff and auctioneer duly commissioned and sworn in and for the aforesaid parish the properties hereafter described belonging to Mrs. Widow Charles Templet:

1. An earth or dwelling located at Bayou Pierre Part, in this parish, measuring five arpents of face on fourteen acres of depth, bounded on one side by the land of Narcisse Trahan, and on the other, by that of Joseph Frioux , together with all the buildings and improvements that depend on it (except the house occupied by Valery Templet). The vendense reserves the right to remain at the said dwelling until next January, 1851.

2. A Cow, a Genisse and a Pirogue.

3. The household, cookware, etc.

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