Hebert family

Aaron Adam Hebert

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 7.13.52 PMA tiny notice in the “Times Picayune” was all the attention that Uncle Aaron’s death drew – and they spelled his mother’s name wrong. She was Eugenie, not Virginia. They got the B right. Her maiden name was Benoit.


In fairness to the newspaper, the casualty list was pretty long at that point in 1945. There were a number to list.


Uncle Aaron wasn’t my uncle. He was my mother’s uncle. He died in France during World War II and is buried there. To us, he’s always been a hero.


I wondered – years ago – what became of Uncle Aaron’s Purple Heart. For years, it hung on the wall of his sister’s house in Morgan City. The medal’s materialized. It’s now in the possession of a distant family member. I’m glad to see it survived. It’s an important testament to Uncle Aaron’s sacrifice – and a much more fitting tribute than the tiny newspaper item.

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