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Family photos on Etsy

The Holland sisters

I’ve come across family photos in antique stores, and they always make me a little sad. It’s like seeing a wedding dress at an estate sale. No one valued these sentimental things enough to hold onto them. What is wrong with people?

Walter Merriam Pratt.jpg
Walter Merriam Pratt. From a bit of quick Googling, it looks like he grew up to run his own paper company.

The other day, I was on Etsy – where I spend far too much time – and came across vintage photos from family photo albums. Why you’d want to buy a picture of a Victorian era baby from someone else’s family is beyond me, but apparently there’s a customer base for that.

This baby isn’t identified, but I have a similar photo of my grandfather as a chubby baby. I don’t plan to sell it on Etsy.

Some of the photos even have identifications. So if you never thought about looking on Etsy for your long lost family photo album, you might want to take a tour.



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