Newspaper articles, terrebonne parish

Teles Babin

Teles Babin watering his flowers with a water sprinkler that he invented.

Teles Babin was four years younger than Henry Ford, just as an inventive but not quite as rich.

Mr. Babin told his story to the “Houma Courier” in 1934.

Teles’ son Joseph also liked to invent.

His inventions included a recording ballot box, which tallied up to 100 votes. A partner took the box to Washington to make Mr. Babin’s fortune. Unfortunately for Mr. Babin, the partner went out for a drink which turned into a number of drinks. He boasted and showed off the box. It disappeared before he could sober up. Before a new could be made, someone else produced the cash register.

Teles’ daughters Emily (left) and Daisy.

Mr. Babin turned his attention to inventing a coffee dripper. Then he made a gas tank, an oil pump and a metal kitchen sink. He seemed to always be tinkering.

The Courier: “Every morning, a silent benediction is breathed into the air by the lonely fisherman pumping gas into his boat; by the farm woman who no longer has to carry water from the well for the dish pan; by the mother dripping coffee for young sleepy heads; by the tottering aged grouped about a safety heater. Surely wealth does not mean an accumulation of silver coins.”



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