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Secrets of Gibson

An old house in Gibson.

My cousin and I were reminiscing about Gibson the other day. She grew up there, across the street from our grandmother. I spent a lot of time there as well. In our childhood, Gibson had a country store, a post office, a church, a library and lots of little old ladies who sat on their front porches and spoke Cajun French. Everything was within walking distance. We dearly miss the Gibson of our childhood.

I even blogged about the town here:

So I perked up when I saw a history of Gibson in my grandmother’s newspaper trove.

TIGERVILLE: Gibson was known as Tigerville (bobcats in the woods) until the Civil War when it was renamed Gibson for U.S. Sen. Randal L. Gibson.

MOUNDS: I had no idea that there are Indian mounds in Gibson. Apparently a bomb shelter was built in one of them during the Cuban Scare (whatever that was). Two are located on the south side of State Highway 20.

CIVIL WAR: Federal troops camped where the school is now. Dog tags later were found on the site. The soldiers used the Methodist Church as a hospital. At the time, the church was only a few years old.

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