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House of Seven Sisters

7tjweyhyt5ern1bnwh3wwqHere’s the last contribution from my grandmother’s attic. This is from the Dec. 31, 1972, edition of “The Houma Daily Courier & The Terrebonne Press.”

Sheriff Field is at left in this photo.

A house in Houma at the corner of Goode and School is known as the House of Seven Sisters because seven sisters grew up there. Catchy, huh?

Odelia Chauvin Field brought seven girls into the world.

Sheriff John H. Field and his wife, Odelia Chauvin, were the parents of these many girls:

  1. Sarah who married William Wright
  2. Josephine who married Tom Sherburne and later Andre F. Chanfreau
  3. Eunice who married Francis Grinage and later Ozeme Trahan
  4. Mamie who married E. W. Condon
  5. Maria who died of yellow fever
  6. Eliza who married Mr. Gagne
  7. Elizabeth who married James Edmond Foolkes.

The House of Seven Sisters began as a four room cottage with a single floor. It’s survived at least two fires. Elizabeth moved in with her family after her husband died.

And … it’s still there! Granted, it’s surrounded by ugly government buildings. Ah, progress.


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