Newspaper articles, terrebonne parish

Joseph Jones Munson

MFw4UY+VT8CZg5nGwBK2pwThe Oct. 8, 1972, edition of the “Houma Daily Courier” tells the story of Joseph Jones Munson who ended the manual harvesting of sugarcane.

Munson was the son of Albert Galletin Munson and May Adele Lemon Munson. He was one of seven children who grew up on an East Feliciana Parish cotton farm. According to the newspaper, he studied at Millwood Institute, Centenary College, in Jackson and at LSU. He married Emma Lea Harvey. They had one child: a daughter named Genevieve.

What’s interesting about Munson is that he was an inventor. He held patents for 29 machines, including a cane loader, a sugar cane cleaner and a vacuum pan. He worked in the sugar industry for the South Coast Corporation.

His mechanical sugar harvester ended manual labor in the cane cutting process.



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