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The many, many Heberts

Bobby Hebert
My mother’s cousin, Bobby Hebert. At least I think they’re cousins. Just don’t ask me how. 

More from my grandmother’s attic, this time from “The Houma Daily Courier” of March 4, 1990.

Trudy Volsin Hebert of the Terrebonne Genealogy Society wrote about the history of the Hebert family. As anyone from Louisiana knows, the Hebert family is huge. I used to joke that my mother (an Hebert by birth) was related to Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert – and I’m sure they are related …. somewhere along the line.

But back to Trudy. She detailed how the Heberts are descended from two brothers. See, we are related to Bobby Hebert. Again, just don’t ask me how.

I’ll summarize Trudy’s article.

According to Trudy, most Heberts in Louisiana descend from Antoine (born 1621) and Etienne (born 1625).

Antoine married Genevieve LeBlanc. The couple traveled to Acadia with Antoine’s brother Etienne and settled in Port Royal.

Etienne married Marie Anne Gaudet (daughter of Jean Gaudet and Nicole Coleson). Together, they had:

  1. Marie, born 1651 and married Michel La Forest (or Foret) – son of Henri. Michel later married Jacqueline Benoit. Marie and Michel had Gabrielle, Michel, Pierre and Rene.
  2. Marguerite born 1652 and married Jean Jacque Le Prince. They had Anne (died in Maryland), Marguerite and Jean (married Jeanne Blanchard).
  3. Emmanuel born 1654 and married Andree Brun (daughter of Vincent Brun and Marie Renee Brot). Emmanuel died Dec. 1, 1744.
  4. Etienne born 1654 and married Jeanne Comeau (daughter of Pierre Comeau and Rose Bayol). Etienne died Nov. 2, 1713 in Grande Pre, Acadia.
  5. Jean born 1658 and married Jeanne Doiron (daughter of Jean Charles Doiron and Marie Anne Carol).
  6. Francoise born 1661 and married Jean Comeau (brother to Jeanne who married Etienne). Francoise died on Feb. 13, 1713. Her husband remarried to Catherine Joseph.
  7. Catherine born 1662 and married her first cousin Jacque LeBlanc (son of Daniel LeBlanc and Francoise Gaudet). She married a second time to Phillippe Pinet or Pinelle.
  8. Martine born 1665 and married Nicholar Barillot.
  9. Michel born 1666 and married Elizabeth (Isabelle) Pellerin (daughter of Francois and Andree Martin Pellerin). Michel died on Jan. 20, 1736 in Grande Pre.
  10. Antoine born 1670 and married Jeanne Corporon (daughter of Jean and Francoise Savoie Corporon). He married a second time to Ann Grillion dit Champagne (daughter of Charles Orillion dit Champagne and Marie Bastarache).

Etienne died in 1670 after fathering a very large family. Marie remarried to Dominique Garault and had another child, Marie, born in 1676. Daughter Marie married Jerome Darias and ended up in Virginia.



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