The other side of the family

Snyder High School Class of 1950

Since my grandparents met in Snyder, Texas, before settling in Louisiana, my grandmother’s attic included a few Snyder newspapers.

Here’s a photo of the Snyder High School Class of 1950. Twenty two members of the 68-member class got together the day after Christmas one year.

Front row, from left: Elois McDow Pruitt, Frankilene Arnett Hoffman, Earline Grimmett Gray, Arietha Townsend Woodall, Trellice Eicke Perry, Nancy Hill Fehleson and Peggy Lynch Medford. Second row: Norman Clement, Dewey Fay Everett Miller, Hope Thompson Lewis, Pat Loyd Cornett, Betty Beavers Brown, Ben Brown, Max von Roeder, Gene Browning, Ben Richardson. Third row: Norman Inman, Jimmy Evans, Earl Madding, James Bowers, Chris Sellers and Robbie Floyd.




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