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Louisiana courthouse records online, M-Z

Here are the rest of the online records available at I’ve broken them down by parish.

Often times, you have to go to an LDS library to look at the records on a library computer. Other times, you can explore to your heart’s content from home while watching 1980s episodes of “Miss Marple.” Or whatever cranks your tractor.

I’ve included scanned in books with parish history.  Also, I’m including cemetery records, which might seem pointless now that we have However, headstones fall into disrepair and become unreadable. It’s often useful to look at old transcriptions.


No records available without going to a library


Marriage records, 1875-1899

Private land claims


Black Lake Full Gospel Cemetery

DeSoto Columbian, 1836-1858

Driver’s licenses, 1918

1898 voter registrations

Flora School, 1915-1916

Legal records, 1739-1769

Marriages, 1810-1820

Marriages, 1813-1817

Marriages, 1821-1823

Marriage licenses, 1915

Medical licenses, 1870-1919

Natchitoches Courier, 1825

Natchitoches Enterprise, 1890

Natchitoches Times, 1906 

Natchitoches Times, 1915

1898 voter registrations

Poll taxes, 1912

Sons of the American Revolution


Autopsy records, 1904-1924

Birth records

Case papers, 1846-1880

Death certificates, 1854-1869

Death records

Death records with index

Directory, 1870-1873

Emancipation dockets, 1827-1915

Estate files, 1804-1856

Index to St. Louis Cathedral marriages, 1720-1730

Index to successions, 1805-1880

Index to successions, emancipations, interdictions, 1894-1902

Index to wills and successions, 1807-1846

Indigent insanes, 1909-1915

Inquests, 1844-1916

Insane asylum commitments, 1882-1919

Insanity cases, 1884-1894

Justice of the Peace marriage index cards

Marriage ledgers

Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses, 1834-1888

Masonic Lodge Cemetery

Missing persons, 1906-1925

Naturalization records

New Orleans directory

Newspaper marriage index


Obituaries scrap album

Odd Fellow’s Rest Cemetery

Parish court cases, 1813-1851

Poisonings and rapes, 1881-1895

Protestant cemetery records

Registration of foreign born citizens

Requests for release of bodies to funeral homes, 1910-1924

Vital records

Voting registration records, 1891-1952


Index to marriages

Index to probate records, 1800-1870


1810 Census

Pointe Coupee

Early marriages


Amiable Baptist Church minutes

Rapides Parish history

Red River

No records available without going to a library.


No records available without going to a library.


History of Sabine Parish

St. Bernard

Parish records

St. Charles

No records available without going to a library.

St. Helena

Echoes from the past

Family records

Marriage licenses, 1840-1849

Succession records, 1804-1854

St. James

No records available without going to a library.

St. John the Baptist

Biographical sketches

Clerk of Court records

St. Landry

Alienation record index, 1877-1879

Conveyances, 1805-1817

Conveyances, 1817-1821

Conveyances, 1821-1819

Conveyances, 1829-1841

Conveyance index, 1805-1891

Index to successions, 1808-1971

Marriage records

Misc. records

Naturalization and immigration records

Probate records, 1889-1893

St. Martin

Marriage records

St. Mary

Ledger of tax collector, 1821-1868

Records of Attakapas District

St. Tammany

Cemetery records

Dubuisson Cemetery

Marriage index

Marriage records

Marriage records


Grace Memorial Cemetery

Legal records


No records available without going to a library.


Deeds, 1827

Marriage records

St. Eloi Cemetery


1850 Census

History of Union Parish

Marriages, 1839-1852


Marceaux Family Cemetery

New Catholic Cemetery in Abbeville

Shell Beach Cemetery

St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery


Hixon funeral home records

Vernon Parish cemeteries


Cemetery records

Legal records, 1891-1897

Mt. Nebo Baptist Church minutes


Marriage records, 1871-1900

Webster Parish centennial, 1871-1971

West Baton Rouge

No records available without going to a library.

West Carroll

No records available without going to a library.

West Feliciana

No records available without going to a library.


Briley’s memorial history and cemetery director of Winn Parish

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