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The sad story of Furci Bergeron

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 4.01.31 PMFurci Bergeron was born in 1877 and died just 23 years later. His mother, Marie Adelina Josephine Benoit, was the twin sister of my great-great-grandfather, Joseph Alfred Benoit.

I don’t know much about Furci other than that he got married and promptly committed suicide.


On June 7, 1900, Furci – called Buddy – married Emma Oncale in Thibodaux. Two weeks later, he committed suicide. Yes, obviously I’d love to know more about that saga. All I have, though, are newspaper clippings.


9 thoughts on “The sad story of Furci Bergeron”

      1. It is nice to meet you, too! I love all your work. I have loved our history for years. My home flooded 6 times so my papers are all disorganized. I still have many things, names, where they lived etc in my mind. Thank you for all you are doing!sed to love going do research at all the court houses. My husband & I searched every graveyard from Baton Rouge to the end of the river, both sides, looking for ancestors.

      2. I am so sorry about your flooding. I’ve only flooded once, but it was not fun! … Yes, I love family research. It must be in the genes! Wish I could get a better sense of the Benoit/Bergeron/Rousseau folks. They don’t seem to show up much in court records, and I don’t have any pictures of them.

  1. I have a story from this year in Thibodaux with a so called accidental suicide and evidence pointing to foul play,but no evidence was taken from the scene and the autopsy was denied 3 times even after being signed for and the funeral was a closed casket to my surprise because the body was unremarkabe. I KNOW EXACTLY WHY HE WAS KILLED AND I WONT STOP UNTIL HIS MURDER IS PUBLIC! This towns history and present are full of secrets and corruption. They silence most leaving alot of victims with unanswered questions. I solved this case and I will never be silenced! The only question I have is when will something be done bout this parishes leaders?? These names have been in office for decades as if their birthright,but they haven’t earned or learned it! They are getting dumber and the only thing they are picking up on is how to be criminals! There is no justice here JUST ICE cold ppl that only work when it’s time to cover their tracks!
    We Are All Victims Here….Some Don’t Even Know It Yet!!!

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