Alma Louise Yarbrough Creekmore

Alma Louise, who was born Lou Alma. 

I’ve blogged about my grandmother’s grandfather, Milo Creekmore, but I’ve not written much about his wife, Alma Louise Yarbrough.

Alma was actually born Lou Alma. Milo didn’t like the name and changed it. What Milo couldn’t change was Alma’s personality.

Milo had a very interesting life. He was a U.S. marshal who served time in prison and hopped a freighter to South Africa in order to escape angry Native Americans.

Eventually, Milo made his way to Texas, married Lou Alma, changed her name and helped her produce eight children in a sawmill town. Their first child, Thelma, died of uremic poisoning at birth. If you had no idea that was a cause of death for newborns, no worries. I’ve never understood how a newborn dies of uremic poisoning.

My great-grandfather, Pinckney Brown Creekmore

My great-grandfather was Pinckney Brown Creekmore, who was the son of Alma and Milo. I knew him well and remember him as a shy man who loved to spend the summers in his childhood hometown of Wells, Texas.

I’ve always wondered where in the world they got the name Pinckney. It’s a terrible name! No one knows how to spell it, and it’s not very pretty. My only guess is that Alma read it in a book and liked it.

Alma loved to read. In fact, she preferred reading to housework, which aggravated Milo to no end. Seven children – remember Thelma died – create a mess so I can only imagine what their house looked like.

Pinckney with his wife and daughters. I love this photograph.

After becoming a widow at 49, Alma remained a widow. She never remarried. She did pick up a pair of Coke bottle-thick glasses to better read her beloved books.

Alma died not long after I was born so I don’t remember her. I probably would have liked her, though, since I love to read myself. It certainly beats housework!







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