St. Mary Parish Genealogy, Succession Records

The last will of Philomin Gautreaux Aucoin

Ludfrois Aucoin fathered at least 13 children in his 49 years. His youngest, Merante, was my grandmother’s grandmother.

I know the fate of some of the children, but I wondered just how many of them lived into adulthood. Finding the will of his second wife, Philomin Gautreaux, gave me some clues.

Here are Ludfrois’ children:

First marriage

  • Marie Elise, born 1820
  • Leufroi Heli, born in 1821 and died in 1879 during the yellow fever epidemic. Married and had at least one child, Mary.

Second marriage to Philomin

  • Simon Jerome, 1824-1824
  • Francois Rosemond, 1826-1826
  • Eduard Pierre, born 1827
  • Adolphe, born 1829
  • Felonise Marie, born 1832
  • Adrien Augustin, born 1834
  • Honore Luselien, born 1836
  • Caroline, born 1838
  • Celestine Marie, born in 1840 and died in 1879 during the yellow fever epidemic
  • Octave Francois, 1843
  • Merante Carmelite, 1846-1926

According to Philomin’s will, she only left property to Merante and the children of Adrien, Caroline and Celestine. So it appears that only Merante was alive when she died. Eleven children, and only one died after her.

I’ve not been able to find a marriage record for Caroline so I don’t know who her children were, but her mother’s will indicates she had at least one child.

Here’s the will. I’ll translate the French below.





Today in 23rd day of the month of November of the year 1883, before Septime Lanaux, public notary commissioned and sworn in for the parish of St. Mary in the state of Louisiana, and in the presence of Joseph Dellucky, Jules P. Telotte and Hebert Bedel, competent witnesses and residents in said parish, has personally appeared:

Madame Felonise Gautreaux, widow of Leufroy Aucoin deceased, resident of St. Mary Parish, state of Louisiana, who has had the help of the notary, and of the witnesses, and the said lady, who has appointed the notaries, who have taken the words of the receiving of this will, the notary has heard. In his own hand the so-called testament as it was dictated:

I possess at the moment the following immovable property:

A certain piece of land on the Bayou Boeuf, Parish of St. Mary, State of Louisiana, about fifteen acres from the Morgan City railroad station, five acres from the bank of said Bayou Boeuf on a piece of land of seven arpents more or less; neighbored north by the property formerly of Francois Gautreaux now occupied by Octave Landry, south by the property of Hebert Bedel Sr., to the east by Bayou Boeuf and to the west by the land of Appolinaire Frioux, with all the buildings therein.

I bequeath to my daughter Emeranthe, now wife of the Cordelier Gautreaux, an arpent by seven arpents of depth more or less, of my said property, beginning and dividing my property of that of the heirs of Hebert Bedel Sr. recently deceased, and all the buildings and improvements that are in them, and my furniture, which is in the house I occupy and where I live, and which has always been my residence.

I bequeath to my son-in-law, Cordilier Gautreaux, husband of my daughter Emeranthe, an acre opposite the Bayou Boeuf on seven acres of the property more or less of my said property, immediately adjoining the piece left to my daughter Emeranthe.

I bequeath to the heirs of my son Adrien deceased an arpent of seven deep of my said property located next to the piece of Cordilier Gautreaux.

I bequeath to the heirs of my two daughters Celeste and Caroline all two deceased, two arpents by seven arpents and located next to the piece belonging to the heirs of Adrien Aucoin.

This is how I want my property to be divided and shared after my death. I leave no heirs except to those who are mentioned in this will and I am free of debt at the moment.

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