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Register of historic homes

The gorgeous LaBarre House is south of Napoleonville. It was built in 1909 by George Seth Guion. It’s been in the hands of the LaBarre family since 1936. 

I love old houses and reading their histories. In fact, my favorite books revolve around the restoration of these grand old ladies with a romance or mystery thrown into the mix.

If you haven’t checked out the Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation’s National Register Database, you should take a tour! Here’s the link:

This absolute beauty is the Dansereau House. It still stands in downtown Thibodaux, where it peeks above the rooflines of surrounding buildings.

You can search by parish and see all the structures on the National Register in a particular parish. You can also search by city, theme and even architect.

Madewood was built by the Pugh family. It was recently featured in “The Beguiled” starring Nicole Kidman. The movie made it seem like the home was in the middle of nowhere. In reality, it’s on a stretch of busy highway between Napoleonville and Thibodaux. 

All of the files seem to have attachments. So you can look at documents, images and maps. You can also read about the history of the houses, courthouses, etc.




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