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More from the Gibson mailbag

More Uncle Punch letters written more than a century ago by children in Gibson.

Aug. 2, 1896

Dear Uncle Punch: This is my first letter to The Times-Democrat. I am a little boy eleven years old. I study fourth reader, first geography, spelling and arithmetic. I have plenty of school friends. We play several kinds of games – spy, hiding switch, football and somersault. I enjoy reading The Times-Democrat so much, especially the C.D. The letters are splending – every single one of them. I am a perfect bookworm.

Now, dear Uncle, please publish this.

Yours affectionately, Gibson Lad.

(P.S.) Fairy Belle – Do you think my letter will escape the W.B.?


Dear Uncle Punch: As three letter days have passed without my appearance (and all added to your department new nieces and nephews), will again resume writing with the hope that the next letter day will add to Gibson a few more cousins. I am very

R.L. Gibson, for whom Gibson was named. Before him, it was known as Tigerville.

anxious to know who the Young Admiral is. I know not who they are, a boy or girl, as they did not place niece or nephew. We had a nice picnic on the 14th of May. It was given on a plantation about five miles from here; the place belonged to Senator R.L. Gibson. Water Lily, how did you enjoy your anniversary? I hope you had a nice time in New Iberia.

Dollie Kirk, I know you had a nice time on the 13th. I did. C. had a good time too. S.D. was very quiet. It was a wonder for her. Accept love.

The Young Admiral, I know the song of “You Can’t Play In Our Yard” and like it very much.

Cocodrie, I would like to know if I guessed right Sunday? Believe I did.

Dilcue R., There is a young lady here who speaks often of you. She met you in New Orleans last year. Her initials are E.P. She has a sister who writes for the C.D. under the name of Dollie Kirk. Her initials are E.P. also. Do you remember her?

Magnolia, you should have taken the name of Curly Locks. It would have suited you.

Fairy Bell, why did you not attend the party of the 13th. We had a nice time, but missed you.

Which one of the cousins know the song of “A Widow’s Plea for her Son?” I think it is a pretty song and a sad one.

Who likes vacation? I am sure I don’t; that is, I like it for a week or so, but no more. I do not think this vacation will be lonesome, as I do not expect to be home.

Well, Uncle Punch, I think I will come to a close, as I have already taken up too much space.

I remain your niece, Dahlia.


Dear Uncle Punch: Rainy weather has set in, and the days are long and dreary. I am still going to school. It will close in three weeks. I am so sorry. I don’t like to miss school. I am still getting acquainted with the nieces and nephews. I know Dollie Kick, Gibson Lad, Magnolia, Water Lily and Dahlia.

Fairy Belle.




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