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Mistakes in genealogy records

I have been searching for the baptismal record of my g-g-grandmother, Elizabeth Montet, for years. I’m sure there was one. Her brothers and sisters were baptized. Yet I cannot find proof that she was baptized. Without one, I’ve had to guess at her date of birth based on the precise age that was given on her death certificate. She was so many years, so many months, so many days. Still, it would be nice to add an actual baptismal certificate to my collection of records.

Either the priest neglected to write down her baptism or she was baptized someone other than Plattenville. Or her name was horribly mangled and I just can’t find it in the published records.

I was reminded of just how easily mistakes can happen while reviewing my marriage certificate prior to going on a cruise. It states that my husband and I were married at St. Joseph in Baton Rouge. We do live in Baton Rouge. But we married at St. Joseph in Thibodaux. Both the state and the diocese got it wrong. Correcting the mistake probably would be possible but seems like too much of a bother. I can just picture some future genealogist scratching his or her head over that one.

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